Chiropractor in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Sports & Spinal offers our clients osteopathy to treat any range of injuries. But you may be wondering, what is the difference between the disciplines and should I see different practitioners for different conditions?

The key similarities between the three different fields is that they are all recognised under government regulation as allied health professions; all three are university trained in order to obtain their certifications and all three treat musculoskeletal conditions, however the methods through which treatment is carried out is where the main difference lies.

Osteopathy treats patients with the guiding principle that the body functions are a whole unit, with each ligament, muscle and bones working simultaneously for movement. Through this understanding, osteopaths not only treat the source of the injury or pain but also provide a more complete diagnosis through assessing the cause of the injury.

Chiropractic can be defined as an allied health practice that focuses on the relationship between structure, such as the spine and pelvis and function, which is coordinated by the nervous system and how that relationship can affect the preservation and restoration of health. Chiropractic treatments usually include manual adjustments of the bodily structure or soft-tissue manipulation.

Physiotherapy is a field of allied medicine that generally treats patients that suffer from movement disorders and health conditions. Techniques that are used to treat patients generally include manual therapy such as manipulation, mobilisation and myofascial release.